Windows 10 to Offer Easy Porting of Android and Apple Apps

The new Windows 10 Operating System could help Microsoft in gaining a bigger share of the smartphone market. It’s quite obvious that Microsoft is struggling in the mobile sector. Otherwise, why would they feel the need to release tools that allow easy porting of Android and Apple apps to its Windows mobile OS?

No matter how much Microsoft tries though, people just aren’t lining up to buy Windows phones. Personally, I think Microsoft approached it completely the wrong way. They charged extremely high prices to try and break into the market when you could buy top of the range Android phones for cheaper prices. It’s a mistake they’re certainly paying for now. They should have followed the strategy of Skullcandy headphones, who went with cheaper but good quality products and took a good chunk of the market from Sennheiser.

Normally, you would expect developers to start making apps for Windows from the very beginning but it’s reached such a point that Microsoft have been forced to offer these tools to try and encourage developers to port their apps. The problem though is that it’s a little too late now. iPhones and Android smartphones have simply gotten too popular and Microsoft will find it very tough to try and get a big share of this market.

Nonetheless, they are trying now and I hope they can convince developers because I really do like the Windows mobile OS. It’s really fluid and works well; the only thing it’s missing is the number of apps Android and Apple devices have.

The new tools will allow the apps to work smartphones, PCs and other devices that are using the upcoming Windows 10 OS.

I really do hope Windows can do something out of the ordinary with their new Windows 10 OS because frankly, I’m getting a little bored of the Apple iOS and Android. Both are slowing down and their upgraded versions aren’t really offering anything special. If Windows can challenge them, I’m sure we will see a lot more innovation. Unfortunately, at the moment, I just cannot see this happening but let’s hope it does.

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