Android Wearable Devices: Compatibility with iPhone

The next few months look very interesting in the technology world. With the Apple Watch not impressing most people, Google could be looking to pounce. A recent report suggests that Google are planning to implement compatibility of their Android wearable devices with Apple’s iPhones.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Apple Watch. The design wasn’t great and felt like a cheap toy. However, the price was very high, with the basic model costing $349 and the most expensive one being $12,000! In fact, I don’t really like the direction Apple is going in. They’re products have always been really good to use but now they’re going all out to become a fashionable brand rather than one that innovates. Their acquisition of the headphones company Beats by Dre really didn’t impress me because those headphones are of very poor quality and just cater to teenagers who like fashion accessories.

Anyway, back to the Apple Watch. It is not available for purchase at the moment. You can pre-order it right now but the earliest delivery date is June. That gives Google plenty of time to sort out any compatibility issues and make a dent in Apples profits.

The thing is, some of the Android watches destroy the Apple Watch in everyway. For example, when you compare Apples offering to the very sleek Motorola Moto 360, there really is no argument. The Moto 360 costs only $200 and looks miles better than the Apple Watch. Personally, I own an iPhone and whilst I’m not yet a big fan of smart watches, if I did have to choose, I would go for the Moto 360 every time.

The only issue is that, at the moment, there is no compatibility with the iPhone 6. For that reason, I have held off buying a smart watch. I’m a big fan of Apple, but they really did disappoint with the Apple Watch. I fail to understand how they could have messed up the design so badly. Seriously, if I was to give it a score out of 10, I’d give it a 2. That’s how bad it looks. Anyone paying $349 for that must be out of their mind.

With Android, I also like how there are so many choices available. That leads to additional competition and better quality products. If you’re a Samsung fan, you could opt for a Gear 2 for $299. There’s also an LG watch at the same price and they both look great. I personally like the Moto 360 the most, especially with its $200 price tag.

If Apple doesn’t allow Google to integrate Android smart watches with the iPhone, then I won’t be going into the wearables market. Unless Apple significantly improves the next gen smart watch, I’ll either be skipping it altogether or moving onto Android phones.

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